NSDK has to its credit a repertoire that is extensive, yet uncompromised in creativity. Each of our compositions is built on the strong foundation of original and authentic music, costumes and multimedia. Eminent personalities of diverse fields have collaborated with the Kampni to develop choreographies that are unique, spirited and reflective of India’s rich heritage. With traditional and contemporary choreographies, there is always a sequence/production that can be adapted to suit an array of events.


Kathak Through the Ages

A Dance Theatre and mixed media production that traces the journey of Kathak. Originating in the temples of North India & Rajasthan, the production retells the story of its suppression and revival. Historical veracity meets artistry as music, the design motifs of the Hindu and Islamic architecture, jewelry, costuming, Miniature paintings, Philosophers/ Saint poets from the Bhakti movement and Sufism, all  come together to recreate the opulence and sustained quality of this living tradition of Dance.

Kelike (Ganesh Vandana)

A choreography that pays obeisance to Lord Ganesha in the operatic dance theatre form called Kelike. Ganesha - the Lord of new beginnings is a favourite among the Lords and is worshipped at the threshold of any event new.

Sare Jahan Se Achcha

This production celebrates 100 years of poet Nationalist Dr Iqbal having written India's national song. It was created in collaboration with the Karnataka Urdu Academy.

Hoysala Vaibhava

This dance drama recreates the glory of the Hoysalas and inspired by the exquisite sculptures of the period (Karnataka in the 11th and 12th A.D.)


Originally a folk dance of Andhra Pradesh, Dhimsa is a prayer to the Rain Gods imploring them to shower their blessings on a land dry and parched. A beautiful and lyrical composition that symbolises showers of enlightenment!


Performed in the Rasiya style, this is a composition of Maharaj Bindadin where he describes the playful Lila of Lord Krishna as he plays Holi in Brij


Dances of India

India as a country has always been actively expressive through martial arts, folk and classical forms. ‘Dances of India’ is a comprehensive production that explores and brings together these exotic forms on a single platform.

Suvarna Karnataka

This dance drama is a vibrant portrayal of the glory of Karnataka in different fields like Arts, Literature, Theatre, Sports and Tourism. Created in collaboration with the Government of Karnataka to celebrate the 50th year of the State's unification.

The Vision of Amir Khusrau

Based on the Ghazals & poetic works of the immortal poet, philosopher, musician & Sufi saint Amir Khusrau, who worked towards communal peace and harmony.


This dynamic composition plays out the stunning architecture, iconography & sculptural heritage of India through the Dance of the Cosmic dancer- Lord Shiva. Inspired by and firmly grounded in India's 2000-year old treatise the 'Natya Shaastra', this choreography does not fail to capture the imagination of the audiences.

Bhangra & Gidda

A vivacious and upbeat folk dance, Bhangra and Gidda from Punjab are the dances of celebration and joy! This sequence is designed to acquaint audiences with a culture that reflects the spirit of dance itself.

Gan Goulan

Also popularly known as Tamasha, this sequence is a vibrant dance form of Maharashtra where the Gopis talk of the playful spirit of Krishna