NSDK has to its credit a repertoire that is extensive, yet uncompromised in creativity. Each of our compositions is built on the strong foundation of original and authentic music, costumes and multimedia. Eminent personalities of diverse fields have collaborated with the Kampni to develop choreographies that are unique, spirited and reflective of India’s rich heritage. With traditional and contemporary choreographies, there is always a sequence/production that can be adapted to suit an array of events.



This powerful high-energy dance sequence is inspired by the rare martial art forms of Kalaripayattu from Kerala and Thang Ta from Manipur. The choreography explores motifs of the sun - the source of energy and strength.

India - From Tradition to Modernity

A journey across different regions of our country through classical, folk and martial art forms. The production is symbolic of the balance of tradition and modernity which makes up India. This can be customised from 20 mins to 80 mins


This is a light-hearted take on the athletic grace of sport. The practiced ease of movement of athletes is akin to that of dancers. Sports takes us back to a short-lived but insouciant age when battles were fought only on the playing field.

Split in solitude

A site specific live mixed media performance inspired by the works of Brecht and Raja Rao. Dance of light, Kinetography, Resilient Impulses, Dhamaar, Cultures of the world and many more are other sequences.


The body with its inherent design- the physical form, the genetic structure and thought patterns is viewed independently or in a collective sense as a mandala. Divine forces are propitiated in the form of Mandalas in every culture which are transformations of reality, finally culminating in the universe of mind and matter. This piece has an exciting multimedia design with which the dancers interact.

Moh-in the realm of love

This sequence was a reaction to violence and violations around us and explored the different textures and shades of love. The latter explores various aspects of feminism, femininity, sexuality, women's rights, using an interdisciplinary and a multi cultural approach. Both these productions were in collaboration with Hengasara Hakkina Sangha (Karnataka Women’s Legal Rights Cell).


A tribute to Shiva, the cosmic dancer, this piece looks at the many facets of his personality. Inspired by the mythological episode of Daksha Yagna, the dancer takes both the narrative aspect and abstract imagery as reference points in creating Nadanta


Taraana/ Sanjog

Drawing on our Kampni’s foundations in Kathak, this sequence fuses motifs of Kathak and Flamenco in its choreography and music design. Taraana reiterates our belief that dance transcends all boundaries be it geographical, political or racial.


This sequence is inspired by the jazz idiom. The usage of improvisation in the musical cultures of jazz and Carnatic music led to the creation of this piece. The Belgian Jazz band AKA moon and Smt Ramamani and the Karnataka College of percussion have played on this piece composed by jazz guitarist and composer Amit Heri.


Dharma is the universal establishment of this world, it is the combination of forces that sustain life .This piece brings together the basic truth in all the philosophies of the world, that of - peace and Harmony. This piece had its world premiere in USA for the Global Dharma conference.


‘Vajra’, as the diamond; and Vajra as lightning, connect to the qualities of indestructibility, Shakti, brilliance, Immortality, unbridled power, enlightenment and tangible forms of the permanence of divinity. The human spirit as a potent vessel for receiving & emanating brilliance, as an indestructible force and as a weapon that wields wisdom is the undercurrent of this work. An exciting mixed media production with 8 collaborators, which encompasses original music, photographic art, interactive multimedia design, costume design, literature (ancient, esoteric and modern), and Martial arts with Dance.


Yugma is an exploration of the myriad levels of human consciousness in the journey of life. It deals with the timeless question of existence and identity and is a parody of social mores, virtue against vice, mind over body, illusion versus reality. Raja Rao's"serpent and the rope" and Brecht's"7 deadly sins of the petty bourgeoisie" have inspired this production.

The womb of brilliance - solo

The visual and auditory landscape features elements of Tantra, Shamanism, Abhinaya and esoteric practices celebrating the eternal mysticism of the feminine divine.. Fearlessness, fecundity, equilibrium as emotional forms of brilliance as seen in Goddess energies.